Jakub Sokolik close to sigining for Southend United according to @agentjim_ . So signs for Yeovil Town then,

Might as well get it out there first, “Transfers are tricky, complicated, don’t always go through etc etc.”

Jim has some link with Southend United (not actual contacts, just location, let’s not go that far) as has previously posted pictures of him being there,  and obviously off the back of this,



He makes this statement,


Note that not only does Jim think its close he even knows how long the deal is.

After making that statement it became clear that whilst talks between the player and Southend had occured he had also been talking to Yeovil,


He has since decided to join Yeovil,


You know that Jim will say he was going to sign the 2 year deal with Southend United but the dog ate it or something. Doubt we will see a ‘told you’ tweet to clap himself on the back.

What this shows, is that with very little digging it is simple to show his tweets to be nothing more than rumours, so it therefore takes even less work on his part to make them in the first place.

What this means though is he gets the hopes up of Supporters who then get disappointed when a deal he claims has happened, or just close, fails to happen. He clearly doesn’t give a toss though or wouldn’t do it.


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