January 2016 Transfer Window Roundup from @agentjim_

Busiest time of the year for an agent. Obviously Agent Jim is retired so isn’t one anymore* , but as he says he still has friends “who are. So he must have been posting furiously during the window right ?


Oh no transfer news at all, just some posts about Arsenal, who he of course doesn’t support**

So he joined twitter in 2013, had about 18 months when he was an ex-agent, but since this blog started he seems to have forgotten all about that. He still uses twitter so still exits, but clearly all his news has dried up. Strangely when this blog began highlighting how made up it was.

Still he has changed his picture to an amusing picture of Barry from EastEnders. Just what a middle aged or older retired agent would do.

* ever

** who he does clearly support


@agentjim_ doesn’t really talk like a mature adult

So @agentjim_ tells us he is a retired football agent therefore must clearly be middle aged at least.

So howcomes he talks like a kid?

Would a 30, 40 or 50 something really be calling people “virgin”, no of course not.


Still could be worse, he could be making up transfer news which he seems to have quit thankfully.




What we know about @agentjim_

We know a few things about “Jim” already.

  1. He was never an agent.
  2. He is fairly young, certainly not in his 30’s or above which a retired agent would need to be and pretty certainly under 23 years old. His immature tweeting backs this up.
  3. He doesn’t support Ipswich, he only started posting Ipswich tweets when he was called out as an Arsenal fan. Even then he rarely tweets anything even at massive events like Playoffs
  4. He does support Arsenal,  although as an armchair fan only. Its pretty much all he tweets about, and most of his big news stories have been about them. He can tweet nothing for weeks then an Arsenal game comes on and out he pops, but generally only when they are televised.
  5. He never goes to games, he has only ever tweeted once about a game and that was going to Southend United.


That last point and the fact he has on numerous occasions tweeted about Southend United deals always led me to believe he came from the Southend area. He has posted items from the Southend United forum and despite getting things just as wrong there as he does elsewhere it did indicate he was local to Southend.

Today he tweeted something out of the ordinary (bearing in mind he has tweeted nothing for ages).


It came as no surprise that this amateur football club is located in Leigh-on-Sea, a mile or two from Southend.

Not really what you’d expect someone from North London/Sussex to be tweeting about. I doubt he goes to any Southend games as he doesn’t seem to actually be a football going supporter and but prefers to comment from the comfort of his armchair. From the mistakes he made about them in the past doesn’t seem to support them anyway.

UPDATE: The retweet above was removed, so obviously he did it from the wrong account…




What happens when a normal guy turns into a Pretend Football Agent…