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@agentjim_ working towards a full Arsenal team of no shows



Some Arsenal fans still believe he is genuine, its flabbergasting.

The last deal he got “right” (guessed right) was Ozil. Since then all of the above he said had either signed, or were in advanced talks. None signed. To be fair he did get Sagna right, but as already blogged it was well known to everyone he was off to Man City well before he mentioned it.

On top of that he made no mention of Debuchy, Alexis Sanchez, Chambers or Ospina. All signed.

How can a group of supporters have such blind faith in someone that gets so little right?

Us football fans really are desperate for inside news aren’t we?


Pretend David Beckham Competition – Shirt never arrives shocker

Blogged about this a while ago when Jim held a giveaway competition. He had a signed Beckham shirt from that Greece game. Awesome prize, just the sort of thing you would give away on twitter.(Sorry you were meant to put your sarcasm glasses on for that bit)


Followed it up with Daniel the winner, sadly the shirt never arrived. Shocker.


Probably got lost in the post. You wouldn’t send something that valuable unregistered though, would you?

You can’t complain about the quality of the prizes!

Wow. That is actually an amazing prize. Is he actually going to just give away THE shirt Beckham wore in one of the biggest games of his career??


Or is it just another signed shirt, but if so how would it be from that game?

Either way its a fantastic prize, I mean it must be worth a fortune to a collector or on Ebay, yet Jim is just giving it to someone who retweets it.

He has done this before though and I shall probably not be surprised if he fails to provide any proof that the shirt even exists or that if in the unlikely event it does that he will be actually passing it on.