@agentjim_ takes a guess on #loicremy based on whats already in the media

Some things never change, waits for a  story to linger in the press a while and starts making statements.


Quick Google and Remy been linked to Palace for weeks.


So predictable…


@agentjim_ shows his age somewhat.

Let’s remember, Jim is meant to be a retired football agent with plenty of experience who no longer works,  that makes him in his forties at the very minimum.

Are these the postings of a mature middle aged retired professional, or the postings of a young man ?

Posts about Serena Williams:

serena1 serena2

A reply to someone :


Yet people still believe he is genuine.

Is @agentjim_ really trying to say he broke #sanchez and #cech #arsenal deals!?


This follows this tweet when people called him out for not knowing anything:


I am not actually sure what he is trying to say here, is he saying that he broke those dealsand doesn’t want to do so this time in case he gets it wrong?

Sanchez Jim never even mentioned until after he signed.! Jim never mentions Sanchez

Cech was obvious to everyone long before Jim mentioned it.

Even Ozil was in the media before he “broke” it Ozil signing

Funny how he doesn’t mention the dozen or so other players he said Arsenal were signing that turned out to be total nonsense.

@Agentjim_ nice and vague again whilst following media stories about #gomez

Jim no longer seems to be shouting done deal and seems to be relying on vague comments which he can then refer back to as inside knowledge.


A quick google search (not what Jim would use with is “contacts” of course) shows the same news hit the net some hours before.


Certainly doesn’t seem to be certain where the player will end up, but as he hasn’t done typical Jim “done deal” tweet and kept it nice and non-committal he has a nice get out clause.

@agentjim_ has to keep things very vague #arsenal


Wow, that could mean absolutely anything. Nice work Jim.

It looks very much like he is trying to copy what another “ITK” account does


A lot of people seem to believe this guy, but I havent had time to see how genuine he is, but that tweet there is pretty much as nonsensical as Jim’s stuff. Make a vague comment, then when something happens claim credit. With Sscweinsteiger I don’t see anywhere that a deal was hijacked, he was always going to Man Utd.

Earlier he did however post the following which seems a co-incidence that Jim has now copied.