@agentjim_ offers an excuse for his lack of transfer news


Well if you didn’t spend your life pretending to be something you clearly aren’t and make it up and get it wrong all the time maybe you wouldn’t get abuse.


January 25th and not one bit of transfer news from @agentjim_

So 18 months after he appeared he now appears to have lost all of his contacts and sources and no longer posts any transfer news whatsoever.

Funnily enough he stopped since this blog highlighted just how terrible his ‘inside knowledge’ was.

Come on Jim, surely you are still getting the tips you were, after all it wasn’t that long he claimed he had so much knowledge he even knew who lowly League Two managers were interested in, let alone actually signing.

Whatever happened to the insight of @agentjim_ ?

So here were are in mid January.

After a fairly quiet close season transfer window, still not lacking some special Agent Jim howlers, we then went through a loan window with no transfer news whatsoever from Jim.

No news prior to the January window, and no news since.

Jim seems to have completely stopped with the transfer insights, which begs the question why? If he is a retired agent then he should still be getting plenty of news from his contacts, yet posts nothing now. Its almost like he actually isn’t a retired agent and gave up after so many mistakes.

Come on Jim, stop posting Ipswich comments to hide the fact you support Arsenal (which he still posts on constantly) and get back to what makes you hilarious.  Surely Aurier is at Arsenal by now?