@agentjim_ offers nothing during the transfer window

….except this tasty snippet on deadline day.


So lots of bids, and he went nowhere.

Worth a guess though Jim….

Seems very much like Jim has accepted defeat and has posted next to no transfer news since last summer.

Whats clear is its easy to be an ITK agent/source and just guess dozens of deals and people will buy it if you just manage to guess one or two right. Problem is when your mistakes are constantly brought back as a reminder of how little you get right and how many¬†of your “done deals” don’t ever get done it’s difficult to keep up the pretence.

As previously mentioned he says he doesn’t do it because of abuse, the actual reason he doesn’t is purely because he has been clearly exposed as a young chap messing about on twitter. If he was a genuine agent with contact he would have genuine news and be reliable, he has neither.