Oh dear, yet another @agentjim_ ‘done deal’ lets him down #Schneiderlin

Not another one Jim?

Even sticking to ones that look certain to complete and he is still getting them wrong.

schneiderlin-spurs done deal

Maybe it will happen, but clearly no where near done!


It gets better.


So basically Schneilderlin has already signed for Spurs (if thats what a done deal means, who knows). Then the day after the chairman starts saying they aren’t going anywhere, even though they have already signed. Jim is right that would be a strange interview, unless of course he is talking nonsense and no deal is done yet.

Can’t make this stuff up. (Jim can).

Oh no, in his attempts to cover his tracks he makes it even worse, this is hilarious


Er hang on, Tottenham aren’t in the Champions League ?!


Er, what!?

This is literally the funniest thing I have seen him do, what on earth is he talking about ?

Moral of the story kids, don’t make stuff up on the internet, you will make yourself look rather foolish.



@agentjim_ is definitely an Ipswich fan. Probably.

After being accused of being an Arsenal fan by numerous people recently, Jim seems to now be doing everything to show he isn’t. Tweeting about Everton players, talking about Ipswich and changing his cover picture to show what a fan he is.


This is the same guy who in 9,000 tweets has barely mentioned Ipswich and in about 7000 of them talked about Arsenal. This is because all of his followers are Arsenal fans. Well they may well be, but that’s because he talks about Arsenal all the time, hence they follow him.


Go on Jim, you love Ipswich. I mean you have to debate whether to go or not and never talk about them, but you love them nonetheless.

@agentjim_ announces Craig Fagan offered contract by #SouthendUnited, when he hasn’t

Jim has posted a fair amount of information regarding Southend United in the past, most of it totally wrong, but indicates he is local if not a Southend fan himself.

On the Southend forum they have been talking about Craig Fagan signing over the weekend as he has been on trial for a while and attended their supporters day.


So Jim on Monday then posts that a contract offer has now been made.


Not yet according to the Southend manager.fagan2



@agentjim_ denies supporting Arsenal

After being called an Arsenal supporter Jim defends himself:



He says he is an Ipswich supporter but rarely mentions them and talks constantly about Arsenal, even during the World Cup focussing most of the time on the  Arsenal players there.

He may support Ipswich (although I doubt it), but he certainly is very interested in Arsenal if he doesn’t support them. 80% of his followers may be Arsenal fans because surprisingly thats who he talks about and rumours about.

According to him its because he broke Ozil news (which was in media before him), and not because he got Fellaini/Cesar/Higuain/Cesar/Rooney/Ariuer totally wrong or missed the 2nd biggest signing they have made (Sanchez).

Funnily enough the day after being accused he starts tweeting about Everton and Southampton. Co-incidences…