@agentjim_ with an exclusive on Lallana, although you have to ignore the time like he does.

One tick pony again.

Lallana to Liverpool being obvious for ages, wait till its looking very likely then jump on that bandwagon Jim!


Some other non-jimmer points out that he is just taking his news from elsewhere (the cheek of it!)


So Jim seems to live in a different time dimension to the rest of us apparently.





@agentjim_ claims he knew all along about Luke Shaw


Well done Jim, that came out of the blue, no one knew that was going to happen till you tweeted it /sarcasm

As I’ve already pointed out he actually posted this was a done deal twice, it had to happen eventually.


He said both now did he ?

This is Jim who never mentioned Herrera and only posted about it on the day he signed, and the account that takes the mickey out of him posted it 2 days before. Nice work Jim, you really are on the ball.



Mickey taking Jim:


Same one trick pony over and over again. Pick and obvious deal then post Done Deal, then say you broke it. Come on Jim, lets see some exclusives!


@Agentjim does have some fanatical followers

I’m always baffled that people believe in these agents, they are so blatantly fake I’m always taken back by his “Jimmers”.

Part of me does understand it, as a football supporter myself I know exactly what it’s like in the transfer windows to want to know who is coming into your club. ITK agents feed off this desperation to know who is coming in and even when they are making mistake after mistake people cling to the belief they are genuine because they successfully predict Luke Shaw signing for Manchester United, like that required inside knowledge!

I recently had a lengthy chat with an Arsenal fan (most of his supporters seem to be as that’s the club he tweets about the most, although of course he doesn’t support them(?!) ), this fan was adamant that Jim was genuine. He was only aware of the Fellaini-gate incident and thought he had been accurate ever since so I pointed out just how many mistakes he makes. He then used Balotelli as an example of Jim being genuine :


Balotelli has of course been linked to Arsenal well before then, so he then said Jim doesn’t break news he verifies it officially. So like he verifies all the ones he gets wrong? He even mentions just how much more accurate he is.


As I’ve show over the weeks, he isn’t accurate and the only ones he gets correct are already all over the media and all he does is post done deal before its officially announced (sometimes to hilarious effect when it folds). Papers aren’t accurate, they do speculate and much is based on rumours, but they do not print stories saying a transfer is complete and then it turns out it never was. Its also amusing how he claims the media are only 5% and Jim 75% when I can demonstrate the ones he gets right are already in the media before he posts it.

Clearly shows just how easy it is to convince someone you are an agent just by getting blatantly obvious deals right, especially if you post a lot about their club .

The final irony? This is the person’s bio:


So much for seeking the truth….