@Agentjim_ a year’s worth of mistakes and nonsense

Jim clearly has had to adjust his methods in the past few months after being caught out time and time again. Last year he was posting repeatedly about deals that were rumoured and ended up with egg on his face time and time again. This year he has been far more cautious relying on deals about to complete before claiming “done deal”, yet still he got let down with the likes of Aurier and Schneiderlin.

Here’s a nice collection of his incredible insights.



Well thats Transfer deadline day done, how did @agentjim_ do?

This is a man with his fingers on the pulse, a man who has told us that he knows not only the deals that are happening, but what players the managers are even thinking of bidding for. He has provided information from the Premier League down to League Two, he has sources everywhere.

So that said, on the biggest transfer day of the year how did he do ?

Er, well pretty much nothing.


  • Welbeck to Tottenham, copied from the media, didn’t happen
  • Soldado loan to Monaco. Copied from the media, didn’t happen
  • Falcao joins Man Utd, Jim knew nothing of it and then spent a couple of hours moaning about Arsenal not getting him (he doesn’t support Arsenal though)
  • Hull make bid for Mo Diame. Copied from Sky Sports an hour before.
  • Arsenal approach for Bony. Copied from media and Twitter
  • Arsenal approach for Bacca. Copied from media and Twitter
  • Jim posts “Told you” about his news about Welbeck, which was broken by Piers Morgan 2 hours earlier.
  • Jim confirms Welbeck is done, 20 minutes after Alan Smith confirmed it on Sky Sports and which actually still hasnt been done at 11pm 2 hours later as an extension was needed.

So pretty much nothing apart from Arsenal (who he doesn’t support)  deals and he told us the total sum of nothing that wasn’t already in social networks or on Sky Sports. Fantastic sources.

This doesn’t even touch on all of those deals over the past few months that Jim said were done or close. I have not seen one deal that Jim got right, and there were very few, that weren’t already the media first, all of which have been documented on this blog.

Anyone still believe he is “In the Know”?  Sadly there are still plenty of poor souls so desperate for news they will believe anything, and get let down over and over again.