Try to get the obvious signings right…

One easy guess for the ITK agent is the obvious signing, such as Luke Shaw to Manchester United. It’s been on the cards for a while now and obvious to everyone he will go there, although Chelsea apparently still interested (not that I have any source).

Jim however seems to have information the rest of the world is yet to know of.


It seems odd he signed a 4 year contract when it would appear they haven’t even agreed the deal yet.


I am sure Jim will have his excuses, deal hit a snag blah blah blah.

Just proves yet again all he does is state the obvious and hope it happens so he can claim credit. Classic @agentjim_



Big transfer passes AgentJim_ by…

For someone who knows the inner most thoughts of even lower league managers Jim seems to have totally missed Rickie Lambert’s move. You would have thought he would have been informed, an England International moving to one of the biggest clubs in the country.

Not a mention though,

Nothing to do with this one coming pretty much out of the blue I suppose..Image..



Brilliant one this.

1. Choose a player.

2. Choose a club.

3. Say club is interested in player.

That’s it, no proof needed and if it doesn’t happen then just use the “not all transfers go through” excuse.

Now to increase the chances of it happening you can always mention a club nearby, or do what Jim did succsefully earlier and choose a player you know the club is already interested in!

Careful though, easy to come unstuck!


Yes Jim Im sure they are interested, as would most clubs in the Championship, but how on earth are Leeds going to afford a player in the 5 million pound bracket. He is attracting attention from the Premiership.

ImageSure they are, but he was never going to go to a Championship side.


This one was awesome as they clearly couldn’t afford to sign him, and he then backtracked and pretended he was “fishing” by posting it. Course you were Jim.

ImageYeah Joe Mason isn’t even out of contract.

Thats the beauty of “Interested” rumours, can be totally made up and no need to try to back them up as according to Jim just being interested doesn’t even mean they made an offer. That’s amazing, do managers have lists of players they are interested in but not enough so to even bother making an offer for ? How does Jim gain access to such lists?



How can he miss so many ?

21 confirmed tranfers in 3 days.

Jim seems to know the individual thoughts of so many managers, so much so that he not only knows who they are putting bids in, but for the players they are interested in signing. That’s impressive.

So how comes he hasn’t mentioned any of the 21 transfers below?


Come on Jim, thought you and your contacts were on the ball?