@agentjim_ off the mark too soon with #Cech to #Arsenal?

Is Jim trying to convince people he knows something?


He keeps it nice and vague so can claim he never announced anything should it all go pear shaped (Aurier anyone?), but whilst the deal has seemed pretty much odds on to happen it clearly hasn’t yet, some 3 days after Jim’s post.


I’m sure Jim will post told you so when it does finally happen as always.


@agentjim_ is back with his transfer news, and nothing changes

So after a very long time of not trying to guess report on transfer news Jim is back.

What a surprise it relates to Arsenal, that’s where his contacts must be. (Whatever happened to Fellaini/Suaraz/Aurier to Arsenal?!)

As always, nothing new, just copying whats been in the media already but adding his own little made up nugget.Find an existing story and just say an enquiry has been made, if one is made officially then he can say he already knew.

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