January 2016 Transfer Window Roundup from @agentjim_

Busiest time of the year for an agent. Obviously Agent Jim is retired so isn’t one anymore* , but as he says he still has friends “who are. So he must have been posting furiously during the window right ?


Oh no transfer news at all, just some posts about Arsenal, who he of course doesn’t support**

So he joined twitter in 2013, had about 18 months when he was an ex-agent, but since this blog started he seems to have forgotten all about that. He still uses twitter so still exits, but clearly all his news has dried up. Strangely when this blog began highlighting how made up it was.

Still he has changed his picture to an amusing picture of Barry from EastEnders. Just what a middle aged or older retired agent would do.

* ever

** who he does clearly support


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