@agentjim_ seems to have little interest in Ipswich…

So Jim loves Ipswich, after pointing out he must support Arsenal he then changed his header to an Ipswich one. He even now and again tweets about them.

Doesn’t ever go to a game, but hey not all fans can.

Massive week for Ipswich, play off semi final against Norwich, biggest games in their recent history and against their fiercest of rivals.

Reckon Jim being a passionate Tractor Boy would be all over this and when they were knocked out I’d imagine he would be talking plenty about the disappointment and the drama.


Oh so not so much then.

Arsenal draw 0-0 with Sunderland and wow he explodes with passionate comments



Now to a neutral observer (or a normal person) which team is it Jim actually has any interest in?

He will no doubt claim its because most of his followers are Arsenal fans, but thats only because most of his transfer garbage was related to them.

We have a summer of transfer rumours and activity coming up, I wonder if Jim will feel the need to start again?


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