@agentjim_ so vague with Thomas Vermaelen

Shockingly yet more Arsenal news, but Jim doesn’t support Arsenal, he supports Ipswich as he now tweets something about them every day to try to prove he does. Anyway….

Earlier today :


Jim isn’t sure whether he will go to Barcelona or Manchester United so just tweets a nice vague one.


He really is struggling to get any deals whatsoever right at moment, Aurier,Schneiderlin done deal -still no where near done, Khedira not done and looking unlikely. You can see he is grasping at any deals to get right and having to be even more vague. Just look at last year and the way he was making sweeping statements about numerous players and ultimately getting them all wrong, now he is very aware that he is being scrutinized and not only posts very few now only posts obvious ones, which still let him down.

Lets not forget he copied the media back in May and said Napoli were most likely..

vermalen-napoli (2 weeks after paper)


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