Still the excuses flow for Aurier from @agentjim_

aurier-naiveYou weren’t naive Jim, your guess was wrong, that’s all.

All the article says was Arsenal were interested in him, which everyone knew anyway, but at no point did it get to the stage it was done. No contracts, no medicals, nothing. Who even knows what “all but signed” means.

If you had real contacts you would have known contracts hadn’t got anywhere near being signed, yet media reports were so strong on this one you stuck to it and came, well unstuck.

That’s the problem with using obvious deals from the media to make “done deal” statements,  they can still fail to complete and egg gets left on one’s face somewhat.

Still people believe him though, with Arsenal the mistakes he has made is massive and the only transfer I can see he can claim he was right on was Ozil. Since then he is in double figures with mistakes and deals never mentioned. He didn’t even mention Sanchez and is still clinging on to Khedira in the hope that happens. Never came to  London like Jim said though eh, probably a Wenger U-Turn…



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