@agentjim_ denies supporting Arsenal

After being called an Arsenal supporter Jim defends himself:



He says he is an Ipswich supporter but rarely mentions them and talks constantly about Arsenal, even during the World Cup focussing most of the time on the  Arsenal players there.

He may support Ipswich (although I doubt it), but he certainly is very interested in Arsenal if he doesn’t support them. 80% of his followers may be Arsenal fans because surprisingly thats who he talks about and rumours about.

According to him its because he broke Ozil news (which was in media before him), and not because he got Fellaini/Cesar/Higuain/Cesar/Rooney/Ariuer totally wrong or missed the 2nd biggest signing they have made (Sanchez).

Funnily enough the day after being accused he starts tweeting about Everton and Southampton. Co-incidences…


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