Still no @agentjim_ whilst there’s nothing but talk about Sanchez to #Arsenal

Still nothing from Jim during one of the busiest times of the year for agents.

Sanchez is one of the biggest moves around at the moment and there is plenty of speculation of where he is going to end up with Liverpool, Arsenal and Juventus all being mentioned. So Jim being so obessed with Arsenal (he who doesn’t support them though even if he talks about them constantly) would normally have been all over this.

So why hasn’t he mentioned it ? Where are his infamous contacts who gave him all that information over the last 12 months ?! He had inside knowledge of League Two managers transfer targets let alone transfer deals a while back, now he doesn’t even mention what would be Arsenal’s 2nd biggest ever transfer??

Is it because the deal, whilst appearing to be in Arsenal’s favour, still too uncertain for him to claim done deal yet ? (Although he never mentioned a bid being made either)

Is it because the Aurier deal is looking increasingly like he claimed done deal far too early and he is only relying on home bankers now?

Who knows.

What I do know is this blog is pretty pointless without his input 🙂

Come on Jim, lets have some of that famous in the know information!



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