Where is @Agentjim_ ?

Jim seems to have disappeared from the transfer news business , still tweeting the odd tweet but nothing football news related.

Only transfer news he has posted about in the past 11 days is Shaw,Herrera, Marvin Sordell and Llanana, all of which were totally obvious and in the media before he tweeted about them.

Other than hijacking obvious transfers and passing them off as his own he appears to have almost given up with the other ones, ie the 100% guesses. 12 days ago he had a quick burst of activity wanting to reconnect to his “lower league” Jimmers, and made some wild guesses and some hilarious mistakes.

Seems to me he wants to try to improve his reputation by only posting the obvious ones so he can have a list of those he was “right” about, even if they were obvious to everyone else as well.

Even his obvious deals are letting him down with Aurier looking doubtful despite Jim claiming it was “all done ages ago”.

Come on Jim, busiest time of the football calendar and you are no longer the hub of information, how can we continue this blog without material?

Your Jimmers need your insight!





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