@agentjim_ seems to lead Arsenal fans up the garden path the most…

Brj1w8VCcAAzytmSo many Arsenal fans put faith in Jim’s posts this image just summed up perfectly what is wrong with posting unsubstantiated rumours.

Jim clearly is an Arsenal supporter, it may even  be his second team but so much of his talk is about Arsenal its blatant.

As I have said before I understand why people listen to these accounts, they are desperate to get news of their club. What I don’t understand is why so many are blind to the fact he makes so many mistakes, if he had genuine information he would make very few.

He may get the obvious deal “right”, but even the @agentjim__ mickey taking account is showing you can get deals right when they have been in the media already.

Come on Arsenal fans, why do it to yourselves?


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