@agentjim_ gets 3 deals out of 88, and those 3 were already in the media

A “Jimmer” was adamantly posting Jim get’s 85% of deals right. On top of all those he is getting wrong 88 deals completed and he didn’t mention 85 of them. My calculator doesn’t come up with 85% as being correct, must be faulty.

Luke Shaw he got, the most obvious deal on the planet and Herrera he tweeted on the day he signed, after his parody account,  both deals were in the media well before Jim mentioned them.

The other one was Sokolik signing for Yeovil, a player he said was about to sign a 2 year deal for Southend and never mentioned Yeovil until after the media broke it.

That leaves 85 deals he didn’t ever mention, other than say some of them he said had signed for the wrong teams. Oops.transferslist1




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