Ozil, @agentjim_ broke the news first apparently

Bit quiet on the AgentJim front recently, perhaps he is being a little more careful with his insight now it’s being scrutinsed?

Noticed that one tweeter asking for proof of when Jim broke the Ozil transfer and have heard numerous times how accurate Jim is because he broke the Ozil news first. ozil1Here you go Jeff:


The fact this had been in the media for days,

ozil3 ozil4

Same as all his “done deals” just posts what is likely to happen, in this case he got one right, so in some peoples’ eyes that proves he is genuine. Those people probably need to consider that if he was genuine why he also got so many others wrong in the same window

Fellaini signed:

fellaini_2 fellaini_1

Fellain and Cesar signed:Bn8FUvSIMAA7VcG

Suarez discussed terms

suarez agreed terms with arsenal-POSTED



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