43 deals in a week and @agentjim_ only mentions 2 of them, where is his network of contacts?

Over the last week there have been 43 deals completed per the BBC site.

Agentjim_ mentioned two of them, both of which I’ve blogged about previously, Sagna, who everyone and his dog knew about, and Tomlin which was in the media well before Jim mentioned it, and actually completed some two days after he said it had. He has had claimed some real inside knowlege of Southend United’s transfer targets as well (supposedly) yet he knew nothing of their interest in Tomlin, nor when they actually signed Weston. His insight seems rather selective.

For a man who has so many contacts and knows not only what deals are going on but what players managers want to sign (presumably he has some sort of mind link device) how can so many deals go through without any mention whatsoever from Jim?

I keep see him retweeting people who say he is accurate, but not only is he not very accurate he also doesn’t seem to know of any deals that aren’t in the papers.




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