Balotelli – More AgentJim_ insight on the back of media stories.

AgentJim’s method’s are really becoming predictable and he is looking very much like a one trick pony on these big deals. Again he sees a deal that’s very likely and just makes statements that its already been done based on existing media speculation. Then when the event actually occurs he can say he knew beforehand.

Some of his goofs Ive blogged about show that he often makes these statements weeks ahead of when they actually happen, yet he still claims he knew, and they were delayed from being announced.

Various media outlets saying a contract of 180k per week  to be made yesterday,


so Jim comes in and takes his punt on a very likely real offer, but states it as factual.


John Cross, a journalist with very close ties and good (and real) contacts with Arsenal told us all about the 25 million 2 days ago



Jim did tell us that Arsenal had a bid accepted, back on the 8th, which is odd as John Cross above says they are still looking  to move for him a week after Jim claims the offer already been accepted.balotelli

Jim’s ‘punt’ came a day after the Mail posted this,


And John Cross actually brought this to everyone’s attention the week before,


Same method as so many others, just follows on from media stories and when it’s pretty obvious it’s progressing makes statements that its a done deal and terms have been agreed. The fact is in all likelihood they still haven’t, but he doesn’t need to prove it, just post told you when it happens, even if its a month later.

Absolutely no inside knowledge needed and no breaking news.


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