Done deal example again and over defensive “Jimmers”

Firstly, calling your followers “Jimmers” and referring to yourself in the 3rd person deserves a post all of its own. The over defensive nature of some really raises the question whether they are genuine followers in the face of so much that gets proven wrong, or just sock puppet accounts used by @AgentJim_ himself.

@AgentJim_ today announced another ‘Done deal’.


Notice how one of his followers, Steve, a mature adult  who actually calls himself a “Jimmer”, decides to try to boost Jim’s claim that it was first and not in the media. When an example of this ground breaking news was highlighted as being reported 3 hours before he still refused to accept Jim wasn’t first. Bizarre.

The doubting thomas then smashed it out of the park pointing out it had been reported by the big media outlets anyway.




To be fair @AgentJim_ never claimed to be the first to post it, but whats the betting he would have claimed it as exclusive just as his ‘Jimmer’ did. Why are people so keen to believe everything he says and try to add credibility? Either they are very easily led or they aren’t totally unconnected to the @agentjim_ account.

Whilst I am happy to see people like @Matthew86019622 are highlighting stuff like this its sometimes better to keep that information squirreled away and let him make a big announcement first.



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