Even the Fakers get Faked

Sol Campbell, a great player and hugely despised unfairly from many quarters, he wouldn’t open a twitter account surely?

Well no he wouldn’t, at least not yet, but how ironic that someone who spends his time pretending to be someone he isn’t, gets fooled by someone pretending to be someone he isn’t.

It was blatantly clear that the account wasn’t Sol Campbell as he was spending all his time tweeting ex-teammates trying to get them to follow him, yet @AgentJim_ fell for it hook line and sinker. He constantly retweeted everything ‘Sol’ tweeted even though it was clearly fake.


Why is Jim even discussing it, this is a man with contacts throughout the footballing world, he can find out the most intimate secrets of a clubs future transfer plans, surely he can find out if its actually him?


Hang on, so do you actually know them, or hardly know them? How did that call turn out?

After tweeting a lot of Sol’s team mates Lee Dixon happened to reply to tell him to get verified, that’s all Jim needed to believe.


@SulzCampbell23 then got slaughtered by the less gullible tweeters and after numerous requests to prove himself via a photograph or verification he started posting some tasteless homophobic posts. Thankfully not many shared @agentjim_’s enthusiasm to follow him and he failed to get more than a few hundred followers.

Apart from finding it rather amusing Jim was so keen to promote a clearly fake account I also find it interesting that someone who himself runs a fake account fell for another one. He relies on the gullible to attract followers yet clearly showed he has a level he can relate to them on in that sense.


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